During the Spiritual Awareness Training, you will have the option of additional mentoring with Dr. Nancy R. Harris, DSS. Mentoring is done via email. After sending Dr. Nancy an email about what is going on in your life based on the information that you worked on in the workshops, she will respond to you with a detailed Spirit Directed Channeled response to your inquiry. Below are some excerpts from mentoring sessions with students. A typical mentoring response is 1 to 3 pages long!

Mentoring Replies

  1. Inquiry: I had a random thought yesterday. How much of our annoyance with others is actually our energy projected onto them?

Mentoring Reply: YES your annoyance of others is your own energy projected onto them, but what I am aware of is that what you are projecting is your lack of acceptance of them in that moment. People will not be annoying when you learn to accept yourself. When you can fully accept yourself for who you really are, your “TRUE SELF” (workshop 4), you will be more open to allowing others to be themselves. You do not have to LIKE their behavior and those whose behavior is far too uncomfortable you will not choose to have as friends or connect with more than necessary. What has to come first is SELF ACCEPTANCE! As up progress through the workshops you will experience the self-expectance easily growing because as you access, trust and follow your inner guidance/intuition you will daily become aligned with your True Self, which is your Soul, and the part of you that “KNOWS”.


  1. Inquiry: I am finding it easier to trust my judgements, but I find it very difficult for others around me to trust my judgements.

Mentoring Reply: Please be willing to see how the word “judgements” instead of “insights”, “inner wisdom”, “intuitive knowing” or just “intuition” separates you from others and creates the energy that blocks them honoring what you KNOW! CHANGING THE WORD AND BELIEF THAT THESE ARE YOUR JUDGEMENTS TO THESE AWARENESSES ARE YOUR “KNOWING” will shift a lot of the energy that is coming from you so that others can hear and feel what you are saying.  The energy of judgement is energetically pushing them to disagree with you, not know what you are saying and in turn disconnect.

Please read the following out loud: “In my judgement the sky is blue!” “Based on my intuition the sky is blue!” and “I have a sense that I trust is coming from my inner guidance (or even spiritual awareness) that the sky is blue.”  How would you want others to communicate with you?


  1. Inquiry: I had a new realization come up since our Spiritual Awareness Training private session last week. I feel like once I’ve made a commitment to someone in a relationship, there is no turning back. That seems to be what scares me the most. That I can’t change my mind later down the road once I’ve actually committed myself to someone, even when my gut is screaming at me to end it!

Mentoring Reply: What I am sensing is that there is some programing from childhood and maybe religion that sex and commitment mean marriage/the rest of your life.  May I suggest you really deeply feel and address why your gut is screaming to end it. It is fear of commitment, inner feeling about men, or is there just something that intuitively is not right. In some cases the inner voice is a past life memory that has to be cleared. Or an enmeshment due to a past relationship that is blocking you from opening your heart to love again. What I sense in your case is we have past relationship issues that we need to work on in your next private session plus due to your upbringing you are not living by the more accepted standard of today. Which is, enjoy someone, and REALLY get to know him or her over 6 months to a year and THEN and ONLY THEN MAKE A COMMITMENT for longer /marriage.

Dr. Patricia Allen, Marriage and Family therapist states in her book,

Getting to I Do that there are 4 stages to a relationship. Missing anyone of them does not allow for the foundation to be established so that the relationship can survive a lifetime.

Stage One: InfatuationStart to 3 to 6 months –

He/she is PERFECT, fun, romantic, exciting, etc. Too often commitments are made during this stage which is way too soon!!!

Stage Two: Differences – 3 to 9 months

Each other’s difference start to show up – Most people call it off during stage two. Too many red flags and somethings are just way too big of differences to stay together. But many time people bail out too soon, because they do not know how to do stage 3.

Stage Three: Negotiations starts around 6 to 9 months – can take a long time to be ready to move to stage four

This is learning how to negotiate through the differences, if possible. This is learning how to get one’s needs met even if your partner can not meet that need. This stage is also about learning how to be an individual while as a partner. Plus, learning how to be a WE instead of a ME!!

Stage Four: Commitment

Should not be making a long term or lifetime commitment until after knowing someone for at least a FULL year!! Making this level of commitment for many is 2 to 4+ years.