About Dr. Nancy R. Harris, DSS

doctor nancy harrisDr. Nancy has been in private practice as an Intuitive Psychotherapist for 30 year and has specialized in Energy Psychology all 30 years. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Psychology, Master’s Degree in Theology as well as a Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in Spiritual Science.  She is certified in Neuro-Linguist Programming and in Controlled Kinesiology Technique, which was a 3 year training derived from Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Spiritual methodologies.  She is also trained in the following Energy Psychology techniques; PSYCH-K, Neuro-Emotional Technique -NET, Emotional Freedom Technique -EFT, Tapas Acupressure Technique -TAT, Logosynthesis, plus Spirit Directed Therapy, Past Life Therapy, Karma Release Work, and Kinesiology.   Dr. Nancy is the creator of the Quick and Easy Emotional Release™ (QEER™) Energy Psychology Technique

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. In addition she also has over 40 years of study in spiritual and metaphysical methodologies.  To date she has worked with over 1000 people as clients and workshop participants.

Her Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in Spiritual Science combines the field of Theology with the medical sciences of Chiropractic and Acupuncture. The goal in Spiritual Science is learning how to live as a multidimensional human being by bridging the gap between spirituality and Energy Medicine. Dr. Nancy’s primary focus of study for her dissertation was how to assist her clients in experiencing oneness with themselves, Source/God, and others, by releasing the cellular memory of subconscious traumatic and emotional experiences that block everyone from connecting to their gut feelings, intuitive awareness/spiritual awareness. In short, releasing that which blocks you from knowing your Divinity and from experiencing the highest levels of consciousness, LOVE, JOY, INNER PEACE and EN-LIGHT-MENT!  (P.S. We are all meant to live in the LIGHT, to live our lives guided by our inner spiritual awareness, or better expressed – to live in the Light – Living In God’s Holy Thoughts – which is to learn how to access, trust and follow your intuitive guidance. Intuition is the way God/Source speaks to us.)

Dr. Nancy is the author of “Take Two Cookies and Call Me in the Morning, A story of how to connect in a disconnected world”. Everything she teaches Nancy has personally experienced. She is not bringing you book knowledge: she is presenting her experience and sharing with you the real “how to’s”!

Professional Organizations that Dr. Nancy R. Harris belongs to:
CAP — Colorado Association of Psychotherapists (Past Board Member – 5 years)
ACEP – Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology
ISSEEM – International Society of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine
People House – Center for spiritual and personal growth

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