QEER- Quick and Easy Emotional Release™

This technique might look too “weird” to really work. Trust me, it can quickly and easily release your issues.

Created by Dr. Nancy R. Harris, DSS – Copyright 2008

  1. Note a current emotional disturbance and rate it on a scale of 0-10:
    0= No emotional charge or no issue and 10= Worst possible emotional charge.
  2. Begin writing a list of all words, phrases, feelings, emotions and reactions that go with the emotional disturbance. Write for 5 minutes or 60 minutes, it is up to you, the longer that you write the better. This allows you time to get to the core issue(s) contributing to the current emotional disturbance.
  3. Note the theme(s)that has emerged from your writing.
  4. Fold the paper into a small size and write the theme or themes on the outside of the folded paper.
  5. Hold the folded paper on your forehead, covering 2 Acupressure points directly above your eyes.Emotional_Release
  6. Using your hand and/or wooden spoon, tap up and down your spine at least 6 times from C1 to tailbone while you are focusing on the theme you identified. Keep tapping until you feel energy start to move.Release_of_Emotions
  7. Stop tapping and wait until the energy stops moving or until you find it that you can no longer keep your focus on the theme.
  8. Repeat the whole process until the original emotional disturbance(s) is at a zero.
  9. Repeat the whole process on any and all additional themes that you identified while writing or that surfaced while you are doing this technique.
  10. Notice if you are feeling any energy in your body when you think about the theme. If so, hold the paper at that point and tap up and down again from C1 to tailbone 6 or more times, continuing to tap until the energy shifts.
  11. Shred, with vigor, and/or burn the paper and imagine all related issues being taken up and transmuted by Higher Power.
  12. Enjoy Your Life!!
  13. Energy work disclaimer: The QEER technique is designed to create cellular release of old emotions. You may experience some fatigue and/or mind physical discomfort, such as mild flu-type body aches, if this happens drink ample amounts of water. Discomfort should only last 1 to 3 days.

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