Intuitive Awareness Training

“The emerging science of intuition will eventually suggest that regardless of your path in life, intuition needs to be an integral component, enabling you to reach your potential. If you want to be successful in life, whether as a teacher, accountant, an athlete, a physician, a nurse, etc., developing your intuition is going make your life happier, healthier, easier and more productive and successful.” Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. Neurosurgeon and founder of the American Holistic Medical Association.

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Intuitive Awareness Training (IAT) is a process of incorporating practical spirituality into your life to gain an awareness of your “True Self/Soul” versus your ego/False Self and to achieve higher levels of consciousness, love, joy, inner peace and Oneness, so that you can know yourself as a part of the universal whole. The easiest way to experience this Oneness, is to learn how to access and trust the inner guidance/intuition that everyone receives from Source/God. Intuition is the word most commonly used today for describing gut feelings, inner voices and experiences of seeing (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience) or feeling (clairsentient) things without knowing how you know it. Multi-sensory-intuition is where one uses all three types of intuitive awareness equally. This is the level at which Dr. Nancy experiences the world and does her work.


Enhance your life and your relationships by learning how to access, trust and
follow your inner guidance and intuition!


Over the course of 6 months and 8 Life Changing/Transformational Workshops you will learn how to acknowledge your gut feelings versus emotional feeling. You will learn the ways in which you see, hear or feel inner guidance. You will learn how to daily access and trust your intuition and gain knowledge and experience in 16 fundamental aspects of Intuitive Awareness. You will learn how to allow God/Source to guide your life. By the end of the program you will have a greater connection with your “True Self/Soul” and know how to keep your intuitive channel open. You will discover your Spiritual Life Purpose and learn the power of spiritual manifestation. You will complete the 6 months with clear intentions for your “next steps” and where and how you can use all that you have learned. The program will provide you a safe place to practice using your intuition with other like-minded, spiritual and intuitive seeking men and women.

What makes this training unique is that you will be learning how to create SOUL CONNECTIONS with yourself, Source/God and others. As you have a greater sense of your Divinity, you will be able to easily and confidently access and trust your intuition at the spiritual levels. The level of Intuition learned in this program comes from God as Source, not psychic level information. To access this level, one has to clear away the negative programming from this life, and maybe past lives. In addition to the workshops, for those who want to go deeper in their release work optional private sessions and weekly mentoring are available.


During the 8 workshops we will cover the 16 fundamental of Intuitive Awareness

“Intuition is a spiritual awareness, a knowing without knowing!  It is an instinctive knowing of something that you know you know, that you know you don’t know how you know.”
Dr. Nancy R. Harris, DSS

The main themes of the 8 workshops are:

Introduction – We will go over the ground rules and goals for the program, and spend time getting to know each other over dinner, sharing intuitive stories.

Releasing the Blocks – You will learn what type of intuitive you are, the difference between psychic level information and Source/God-connected Information, and use 2 types of Energy Psychology to release your fears, doubts, anxieties, etc. about accessing and trusting your intuition.

Protection Creates Greater Connection – You will learn 4 types of Energetic Shields and 4 Grounding techniques, plus how Highly Sensitive and intuitive you are. You will identify and release any fears of being seen as “gifted/intuitive” and address any judgements you might still carry due to feeling different or weird.

Opening the Channel to Soul Connection – This workshop is all about “Who Are You?”, and learning how to connect to your “True Self”/Soul. You will be addressing what blocks you from this level of connection with yourself.

Accessing Source – The only way to have a connection with Universal Knowledge and Universal Wisdom is to take the time to “connect” to the Source of this information. You will learn a multi-level process of doing Spiritual Exercises to exercise this connection and keep your intuitive channel open.  We will review 8 types of meditation techniques and learn the KEY to intuitive awareness via an ancient Sanskrit tone. Meditation, Prayer, Automatic Writing and Yoga/ Body Movement will be addressed as ways to gain higher levels of consciousness.

Discovering your Spiritual Life Purpose – Everyone has a unique purpose for being. When you know what you are here to “BE”, it is easier to find satisfaction and inner peace with what you are doing. Dr. Nancy will guide you through a very simple yet profound inner process that reveals your Spiritual Life Purpose and how to fulfill it! Experience this exciting journey of going within and discovering what you are here to “BE”. This process was channeled through Nancy Harris in 1994. For 21 years she has successfully used this process with hundreds of clients and workshop participants. Finally eliminate the uncertainty about what you are supposed to “BE” when you grow up!

Intuitive Readings – This month you will start doing Intuitive Readings. We will cover 4 different methods. The whole workshop is experiential. The goal and purpose of this workshop is not for you to use these skills professionally but to have a CLEAR awareness in different situations how you see, hear, feel or know without knowing. All 4 reading are only done for the fun of additional practice and experience.

Power of Intention – In this workshop you will learn the difference between intentions and outcomes and how to connect to Source/God to assist you in manifesting your intentions. You will be creating intentions to go beyond the end of the training and for the rest of your life!


In all workshops we share some of the intuitive experiences that we have had during the month, we do processes and work with each other. The workshops are primarily experiential. To get the most out of the program there is suggested weekly homework.



To further enhance your intuitive awareness two Private Sessions are included. They are designed to go future and deeper than can be done in the workshops. (Workshops are NOT group counseling!). The private session will assist you in releasing the core beliefs and experiences from this life and past lives that are blocking you from having your intuitive channel open.

This unique Intuitive Awareness Training is for women and men who want to have daily access to their intuition (which in this program is known as Spiritual Awareness), and know how to TRUST the information that they receive. Plus how to safely use the information that they see, hear or feel without getting overwhelmed due to picking up too much information and/or emotions from others.


The Intuitive Awareness Training is an investment in yourself that I guarantee will have lifelong benefits.

What is more important than investing in your long term happiness, inner peace and en-JOY-ment of life?


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