Financial Investment

Spiritual Awareness



Private Counseling and the Intuitive Awareness Training are an investment in yourself that I guarantee will have lifelong benefits. For Private Session clients I guarantee you noticeable results within 3 private sessions.  What really is more important than investing in your long term happiness, inner peace and en-JOY-ment of life? Really think about it, what will you take with you when you leave this planet?  Your house? Your money? Your belongs? Your Friends? Your Children and/or spouse?  What really goes with you?

Unfortunately NOTHING material, which we worked so hard to obtain. ONLY the level of consciousness that you are at, at the moment of transition goes with you. The highest levels of consciousness are Love, Joy, Inner Peace and Oneness

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. This is what your investment of working with Dr. Nancy R. Harris, DSS will provide you. You will gain the tools to continuously move forward in your life. These tools will allow you to always be reaching for the next level of consciousness.


Dr. Harris has been incredibly effective in my emotional and spiritual healing. I have shed the baggage of the past and come into wholeness with her amazing methods. No other practice or practitioner has helped me gain light years of progress in such a short time. Each time I left her office my whole being exclaimed “WOW!!” -Lynn I.

$125 per 60 minute hour (Typical session 2 hours)
Medical Insurance Accepted – Out of Network Provider


$100 non-refundable down payment to hold your space, plus 10 monthly payments of $180/month

Minimum of 6 people required for a training to be held, please share this information with your friends and encourage them to participate!  It truly is a life  changing, transformational experience!

Attendees receive:

  • 8 Workshops
  • 2 Private Sessions (2.5 hours per session)
  • Access to Dr. Nancy Harris as your mentor for 6 months
  • A 250-page workbook written by Dr. Nancy R. Harris
  • 2 books
  • True Self meditation CD or MP3 download
  • Additional handouts
  • Snacks and Beverages at each workshop
  • 2 Dinners
  • 3 Lunches

In cities other than Steamboat Springs, CO and Denver, CO fees will include an additional charge to offset Dr. Nancy’s monthly travel expenses. This charge will be evenly divided between all participants.

Additional Private Sessions for IAT students:

Rates Exclusively For IAT students:
Additional Private Sessions are available for a flat rate of $295.
This rate is based on a 3 hour session. This is a saving of up to $80 per session.


For private sessions in person or via phone or Skype and/or to register for the Intuitive Awareness Training
Contact Dr. Nancy R. Harris, DSS
303-503-8100 or

I am looking forward to walking this incredible journey with you!