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Dr. Nancy R. Harris’ Success Enhancement Workshops Deliver!

The key to greater success and fulfillment in any area of your life is knowing how to connect in a disconnected world. That’s what Dr. Nancy’s experience, knowledge and wisdom can provide to you. Her wonderful and timeless message about “How to connect and live in the loving” comes across whether she is teaching communication skills to couples, parents of teens or corporate executives; helping small business owners increase their profitability; or assisting individuals release their fears and anxieties or understand their spiritual life purpose.

More than just teaching, Dr. Nancy demonstrates that love, joy, and inner peace, plus wealth, health and happiness are available when individuals and organizations experience living and working together in cooperation and harmony versus conflict and pain. Learning what sabotages you from experiencing positive connections and how to quickly and easily develop greater connection with yourself, God/Source and in all your relationships is the essence of all of Dr. Nancy’s presentations.

Four Workshops to increase your personal success.


    Everyone has a unique purpose for being. When you know what you are here to “BE”, it is easier to find satisfaction and inner peace with what you are doing. Dr. Nancy will guide you through a very simple yet profound inner process that reveals your Spiritual Life Purpose and how to fulfill it! Experience this exciting journey of going within and discovering what you are here to “BE”. This process was channeled through Dr. Nancy Harris in 1994. For 16 years she has successfully used this process with hundreds of clients and workshop participants. Finally eliminate the uncertainty about what you are suppose to “BE” when you grow up!
    Phobias, Fears and Anxieties can quickly and easily be a part of your past. Using a combination of psychotherapeutic modalities and scientific brain research, you will learn how to release and re-program any fear or anxiety that sabotages you from having the health, wealth, love or inner peace you desire.This unique technique/process draws from NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming tm) EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique tm), Brain Gym tm Exercises, Psych-K, Left and Right Brain Integration and more. BE READY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Everyone that has used this technique has noted dramatic changes.
    Experience fun and exciting ways to use Muscle Testing to enhance your life! In this “hands on” class you will learn how to correctly muscle test yourself and others. Derived from Applied Kinesiology, Muscle Testing is a unique and accurate way to use the wisdom of your body, via slight pressure to an arm or other limbs, to help determine what is going on in your unconscious mind. You will learn how to use Muscle Testing for nutrition, emotions, day to day questions and lots more. Dr. Nancy Harris has over 30 years’ experience using Muscle Testing with herself and her clients.
  1. “YES, I TOLD YOU!”  “NO, YOU DIDN’T!”
    Communication skills for anyone who wants to insure they are being heard.Using the scientifically developed “Personal Style Indicator” you will discover how your nervous system is innately wired for behavior and communication. Learn why your miscommunications occur and how to communicate so people will be saying, “I understand!” Come away from this one-day workshop knowing why your spouse, teens or friends cannot hear you and what to do when this happens

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    . Create greater harmony at home and at work. Leave this workshop confident that you can “shift” your style and communicate with everyone, especially your spouse!For 25 years, using the PSI, Dr. Nancy R. Harris, DSS has successfully helped her clients, corporations, and workshop participants improve their communication styles.

The success enhancement workshops are an investment in yourself that I guarantee will have lifelong benefits.  What really is more important than investing in your long term happiness, inner peace and en-JOY-ment of life?

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