What people who have taken the Intuitive Awareness Training are saying

Dr. Harris, Thanks for an incredible workshop and start to the 6 month Intuitive Awareness Training. As you suggested within 24 hours I did the reprogramming using the Brain Gym techniques for the Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Spiritual levels. WOW what a unique sense of whole brain connection! Tonight I used one of the techniques we learned and did a wonderful Logosynthesis session with myself. I was going through the homework suggestions that you gave us and two other phrases intuitively come to me.
I wrote them and went through the Logosynthesis technique sayings the ones that came to me intuitively. Double WOW did I feel the energy moving!! More than I have ever before. That proves to me that something major shifted during the training. My phrases were ” I am not intuitive and have no spiritual gifts” and “I have no connection with spirit”. I cannot describe my elation at moving through some of my blockages and at being a part of this IAT training. Even my dreams have been giving me clues into my subconscious blockages. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited and feeling fulfilled.

The depth of Nancy’s knowledge, expertise, and wisdom is truly amazing. She is the real deal! Anyone who participates in this program will truly transform their life!
Lynn I.

The private sessions really make the program personally come alive. They help me integrate all the material from the workshops, plus deal with all that has come up for me throughout the month. Well worth the investment.

The Intuitive Mentoring Program has given me the opportunity and tools I needed to consciously examine who I really am. I learned I was not where I wanted to be, and then how to reconnect to the “Loving”, which allows me to honor my sensitivity and have greater access to my intuition.
Aaron N.

A past life and karma releasing process that occurred during a private session assisted me in opening doors and going to Spiritual levels that I did not even know existed. With Nancy’s guidance/mentoring I have forever changed the direction of my life.
Aurora C.

Just learning how to protect myself and release other people’s energy when I get overloaded was worth the investment. Learning the difference between psychic level and soul level intuitive information and how to connect with my “True Self/Soul” has transformed how I live my life. If you are trying to decide about taking this program, my suggestion trust your “gut” and go for it!
Scott G.


Phone Endorsements

I was initially utterly surprised by the intensity of the work we can do via the phone. While our phone processing is now bi-monthly, Nancy’s gifts continue to amaze me. Knowing that Nancy is just a speed dial away gives me the comfort of having a powerful resource at my fingertips, no matter where her travels take her.
Laura F. – Syban Lake, Michigan

Working with Nancy over the telephone is as beneficial as when we have worked together in person. If you truly want to go deeper than you have ever gone before and clear the blocks that are in the way of your growth in a loving, caring, sharing and gentle environment, I strongly suggest you take advantage of Nancy’s intuitive gifts.
Todd G. – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Working with a spirit directed therapist is the fastest way that I have found to clear through issues. It is a true pleasure working with Nancy via the telephone.
Miles H. – Portland, Arkansas

Nancy Harris is a skilled, intuitive professional. I find our phone sessions therapeutic and rewarding. This method of communication and connection enables us to have the continuity and ongoing growth and spiritual development that the distance between us would otherwise preclude. Our phone sessions have proven to be so beneficial and personal that I am truly amazed at their success.
Carol E. – Farmington Hills, Michigan

Counseling Endorsements

“One year after working with Nancy I genuinely feel more at ease with myself. I still cannot explain to friends how a 35 year old fear was removed in ONE session. The emotional release that Nancy provided combined with the daily tools she taught me allow me to finally feel in control of my existence! I can actually relax and ENJOY my life.”
Geoff B. – CEO, Brooke Superstore, England

“Past Life Therapy, Vanishing Twin Syndrome, NLP, N.E.A.T. – it was all hogwash to me but I wanted to save my marriage so I gave it a try. I got more than my marriage; I learned how to love myself, develop a sense of connection to God, and was even able to come to respect all this ‘stuff’, ‘cause it really works! Try it!!”
Jeff D. – Corporate Executive

“Nancy has been a treasured guide and support on my spiritual journey, by helping me release and re-program ‘old tapes’ and worn out beliefs, enabling me to move toward clarity, acceptance and growth.”
Fran D. -Registered Nurse ~ O.R. Manager

“Changed my life! I discovered my life purpose and gained the spiritual strength to go back to school to get the education I would need to fulfill it.”
Sally G. – Artist/Student

Book Endorsements

“Take Two Cookies and Call Me in the Morning is the perfect way to start, continue or end your day. Full of tasty nuggets to chew on and savor, it identifies and delivers the key ingredients to loving – an excellent recipe for today’s living.”
Dr. Judith Briles, author
The Confidence Factor – Cosmic Gooses Lay Golden Eggs
Mile High Press

“This is a delicious book that provides lasting contentment. You can learn the ingredients for a loving and fulfilling life, and how to blend them into your own special recipe for happiness. If you are looking for a book to nourish you on an airplane ride, while waiting for an appointment, or on a chilly night curled up by the fireplace, this is a great choice. I recommend it to anyone who would like inspiration and practical wisdom – or anyone with a friend to whom they wish to give a lasting gift.”
Peter Lambrou, Ph.D., author
Instant Emotional Healing and Self-Hypnosis: The Complete Manual
Chairman of the Task Force for Psychology and Integrative Medicine
Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla, California

“Nancy understands, embraces and unfolds the source of our connection to others; the prime directive of a loving God…LOVE. She writes in a sensitive, vulnerable and easy to follow style allowing hurting and disconnected people to find hope in connecting with others and baking their own loved filled Chocolate Chip Cookies. A must read for therapists and their clients.
Rev. David R Henson, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

“The principles Nancy uses in her therapies have literally changed my life! Her range of knowledge and the breadth of her abilities is truly astounding! I was thrilled to discover how well she captured them in her simple book. She has searched for the profound and revealed the inner wisdom that we all know in our hears to be true.”
Lynn Inmon, Teacher

“A deceptively simple recipe for a sweeter, more enjoyable, and more productive life. The cookie metaphor makes the information so easy to digest.”
Alan J. Pariesse, CSP, CPAE
Hall of Fame Speaker