Take Two Cookies And Call Me In The Morning

“Love is the wonderful experience of feeling connected. Take Two Cookies
Learning how to connect and live in the loving is the journey called life”
–Dr. Nancy R. Harris. DSS

A story to help you connect in our disconnected world.


Written by Dr. Nancy R. Harris, Professional Intuitive and Psychotherapist, Workshop Facilitator, and President of ELF’IN Inc. and Success Enhancement Workshops™ 

Take Two Cookies and Call Me in the Morning – How to Connect in a Disconnected World shares with you the story of one woman’s personal transformation and her unique discovery that love is like chocolate chip cookies. Love has a repeatable recipe. Unfortunately,  Liz, like most of us, leaves home without having learned all the ingredients or knowing how to create loving connections. This short yet powerful adult storybook takes you on Liz’s journey as she discovers each ingredient and creates a unique recipe for loving. Through Liz’s experiences, you will learn the secret to connecting in a disconnected world.

“The power of this little book is in its simplicity.
Take some quiet time to enjoy and learn from it.”
Ed Oakley, co-author
Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the Heart of Change
Simon & Schuster

Book Excerpt

“LOVE is like chocolate chip cookies. It is made of many different ingredients.
The key to making great cookies (or love) is KNOWING THE COMPLETE RECIPE.Counseling - Take two Cookies
Everyone creates their own special cookie (love) recipe by using their unique gifts and talents to enhance the main ingredients. Now that there are six billion people on planet Earth, there are six billion unique ways to create Chocolate Chip Cookies (to know LOVE).”

The Intuitive Voice asked Marge,
“What are the main ingredients you want in your LOVE recipe?”

Marge pondered a while and answered,
1. Sharing the Same Interests
2. Common Goals
3. Physical Attraction
4. Great Sex
5. Good Communication
6. Trust
7. Honesty
8. Respect

“Marge,” responded the Intuitive Voice, “that is great. What you have listed are qualities that make for a successful relationship and are the by-products of LOVE. However, they are NOT the main ingredients in LOVE!”

Marge, frustrated and confused asked “Then what is love?”

The Intuitive Voice answered,Counseling - cookies

“LOVE is about connecting.

“Learning how to connect
and live in the ‘loving’
is the journey called life.

“You will know Love
when you feel connected…

“When you have
a sense of inner peace,
an inner knowing
that everything is okay,
that everything is perfect
just the way it is.”
The Intuitive Voice continued,

“Learning ‘How to Connect’ will teach you how to experience what love is.
And Love, like Chocolate Chip Cookies, has a recipe.
I will give you two of the main ingredients.

1. Slow Down – Simplify Your Life by setting intentions.
2. Discover Your Spiritual Life Purpose.

The additional eight ingredients you will discover by reading Take Two Cookies and Call me in the Morning.


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5.25? x 8? 120 Page Illustrated Storybook – 30 minute read
Self – Improvement, Psychology and Spiritual Growth
ISBN: 987-0-9863544-1-0
Published by Richer Life Press
Softcover – $11.95, eBook $4.99



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