Intuitive Spiritual Counseling using Energy Psychology

Spiritual Mindfulness

  • Wondering why your Soul Mate has never showed up or your relationship(s) is not working?
  • Feeling stuck, disconnected from your “True Self”, Source and others?
  • Looking for a spiritual/intuitive approach to resolving your everyday issues?
  • Want to discover your life purpose?
  • Ready to release your past and experience love, joy, and inner peace?
  • Want the answers to “why am I so sensitive, weird, and different?”
  • Need help with finding the emotional issues or past life issues that are causing your emotional and/or physical pain?


“Problems” are often not just mental or emotional.

Usually there are physical and spiritual aspects which need to be addressed for your healing to be complete. Based on scientific research in the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, chiropractic, acupuncture, energy psychology and energy medicine, we now know that emotion is stored in the cellular level of our organs. These emotions cause blockages in your organs and in your life. These blockages can easily be released and reprogrammed, using Dr. Nancy’s 35 years of training in Spiritual Psychology and Energy Psychology. This allows you to quickly and easily move forward in your life! See modalities of Dr. Nancy’s training below. 

Discovering the blocks and releasing them quickly is what Dr. Nancy’s unique training and intuitive abilities provide you and sets her apart from other psychotherapists.  Because you are a physical being, we can use the wisdom of your body — via acupressure points and muscle testing — to quickly discover the source of your issues and the best way to solve them. In a typical session Dr. Nancy will guide you through a cycle of Discovery, Release and Re-programming of your old limiting beliefs, attitudes and behaviors into new ones that enable you to create greater connection, acceptance and loving with yourself, Source/God and others. Enhanced connections will provide you with greater health, wealth, happiness, inner peace and love. Learn how to access and trust your intuition, Discover Your Spiritual Life Purpose, Learn how your nervous system is wired for behavior and communication, Release karmic patterns, and lots more.

My 35 years’ experience using an Intuitive and Spiritual approach to counseling is designed to help Adults and Couples, especially Highly Sensitive and Intuitive People. I guarantee noticeable results within 3 sessions.

“Learning how to access and trust your intuition plus experiencing love, joy and inner peace and a sense of Oneness within yourself is the key to attracting deep and lasting connections/love!”
–Dr. Nancy R. Harris, DSS

What can you expect to gain and learn from working with Dr. Nancy

Private Counseling is an investment in yourself that Dr. Nancy Harris guarantees will have lifelong benefits. Dr. Nancy guarantees you noticeable results within 3 private sessions.  What is more important than investing in your long term happiness, inner peace and en-JOY-ment of life?

Learn how to:Lights of Rhyme

  • CONNECT in a disconnected world
  • ACCESS and trust your intuition
  • RELEASE childhood trauma and gain self-confidence
  • CONQUER your fears and anxieties
  • REDUCE stress and resolve conflicts
  • ENJOY greater inner peace and a sense of spiritual connection
  • RE-PROGRAM negative “core beliefs” to accelerate your true potential for happiness and personal success
  • DISCOVER your life purpose
  • EXPLORE and resolve past-life issues

What is Energy Psychology?

Energy Psychology is an integrative approach to psychotherapy and coaching that is based on mind-body healing traditions that are over 5,000 years old. The Energy Psychology techniques in which Dr. Nancy is trained in blend the bio-energetic insights with spiritual and contemporary psychological practices. Energy Psychology has been refined through 35 years of modern clinical experience with millions of clients worldwide benefiting from these techniques. To date over 60 peer review studies have proven validity of these techniques. Dr. Nancy has 35 years of training and experience in this field.

Energy Psychology Techniques created by Dr. Nancy R. Harris, DSS

Based on over 25 years of research and development, Dr. Nancy R. Harris, DDS created two exceptionally successful processes for life-change, ELF’IN (Effective Life Force Integration) and an Energy Psychology technique called Quick and Easy Emotional Release™ (QEER). Synthesized from numerous psychotherapeutic and psychospiritual modalities, ELF’IN and QEER are designed to provide safe, dependable and rapid personal growth and healing. These techniques are derived from other modalities but when combined in the unique order that Dr. Nancy has discovered they can release and re-program deep negative core beliefs.  Plus she will teach you how to use her techniques so you can be your own counselor and work on yourself.  Once you have released and re-programmed your subconscious issues you will be able to use Dr. Nancy’s and other Energy Psychology techniques on yourself when future issues develop.


Modalities Dr. Nancy Draws from Include: 


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)spiritual awareness tall cropped
Client Centered Therapy
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
CRG Communication Profiles
Inner Child Work

CKT (Controlled Kinesiology Technique)
N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique)
T.A.T. (Tapas Acupressure Technique)


Spirit Directed Therapy
Karma Release Work
Past Life Therapy

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